IV Therapy For Groups And Parties

Group IV Therapy brings people together through wellness and healing.
Experience coming together and rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul with group IV.

Corporate Wellness

A culture of wellness has become a key element in the workplace. Have your company emphasize wellness with Wellnessclub365. We will customize our drips, along with special group pricing, to enhance productivity in the office. We are able to handle the following:

Large Parties and Events

Have your event be elevated with Wellnessclub365. We can handle events small to large. Wellnessclub365 will customize drips for your special day, together with special pricing for your specific needs.

Experience high-energy IV therapy for large groups. For a thrilling infusion session call

You’re In Good Hands

Our medical team has administered over 50,000 IVs and has years of experience working in hospitals. With the strictest standards in the state of California, our licensed and insured medical professionals will bring a calming and soothing IV therapy session to your door.

Devoted to customer service, our highly trained team will ensure you have an awesome experience as we provide the same level of professionalism you can expect from hospitals or urgent care centers. Book your next session today knowing you’re in good hands.