Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

Treats symptoms of hangover. Hydrates, treats headache and nausea.



Breakfast In Bed IV Drip

The Perfect Cure For Your Hangover

Our IV drips are specially formulated to help you recover from a night of indulgence, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day.

Symptom Treatments

Instant Relief

At Wellnessclub365, we understand that when you’re suffering from a hangover, you want relief fast. That’s why Breakfast in Bed offers instant relief from the most common hangover symptoms.

Within minutes of starting your “Breakfast in Bed” treatment, you’ll start to feel the effects of our specially formulated blend of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Dehydration, a common cause of hangover symptoms, is quickly addressed with our hydrating solution, providing fast relief for headaches, dry mouth, and fatigue.

We’ve also included high doses of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins to boost your immune system, support your liver function, and increase your energy levels. These key ingredients work together to combat the effects of alcohol on your body, reducing inflammation and supporting your body’s natural detoxification process.

But that’s not all – our IV drips also include a variety of other ingredients specifically selected to target hangover symptoms. Magnesium, for example, is included to help relax tense muscles, while glutathione is added to combat oxidative stress and promote skin health.

In addition to our carefully crafted blend of ingredients, Wellnessclub365 offers the convenience and comfort of in-home treatment. Our trained professionals will come directly to your door, making it easy for you to receive instant relief without leaving your home.

So if you’re looking for fast and effective relief from your hangover symptoms, Breakfast in Bed is the perfect solution. With our IV drips, you can start feeling better in minutes and get back to your day feeling refreshed and energized.

IV vs Oral Supplements

When it comes to treating hangovers, many people turn to oral remedies such as pain relievers or sports drinks. While these remedies can provide some relief, they often fall short when it comes to addressing the root cause of hangover symptoms.

In contrast, IV drips offer a more direct and effective solution for hangover relief. When you consume alcohol, it can cause dehydration, inflammation, and nutrient depletion, all of which can contribute to hangover symptoms. IV drips provide fast and direct delivery of fluids and nutrients to your body, bypassing the digestive system and allowing you to quickly rehydrate and replenish vital nutrients.

Oral remedies, on the other hand, take longer to absorb into the bloodstream and may not provide as much benefit to your body. In addition, taking oral remedies when you have an upset stomach can be difficult and may lead to further discomfort.

Another advantage of IV drips is that they can be customized to target specific symptoms. At Wellnessclub365, we offer a variety of IV drip options, each with its own unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to address different hangover symptoms. This means that you can receive personalized treatment based on your individual needs and preferences.

Overall, while oral remedies may provide some relief for hangover symptoms, IV drips offer a more direct and effective solution. With “Breakfast in Bed” IV drips, you can experience fast and personalized relief from your hangover symptoms, so you can get back to feeling your best as quickly as possible.

You’re In Good Hands

Our medical team has administered over 50,000 IVs and has years of experience working in hospitals. With the strictest standards in the state of California, our licensed and insured medical professionals will bring a calming and soothing IV therapy session to your door.

Devoted to customer service, our highly trained team will ensure you have an awesome experience as we provide the same level of professionalism you can expect from hospitals or urgent care centers. Book your next session today knowing you’re in good hands.